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Custom Massage

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Foot Reflexology

30 Minutes

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Types of massage that may be used in your session


          This is the most popular type of massage. It is used especially for relaxation, to relieve muscle tension, and improved circulation. This is accomplished by using long gliding strokes, kneading, tapping, shaking, and friction. 

Structural Integration

           This modality is used to correct strain patterns in the body due to gravity, stress from daily activities and injury that pull the body out of alignment. It restores balance and improves posture. It focuses on the connective tissue rather than the muscles. When the body is out of alignment it causes imbalances, discomfort and stiffness.

Trigger Point Therapy

            A trigger point is a localized knot in the muscle that when compressed may be intense or may be a dull ache. The therapist will use pressure on these isolated areas to release the constriction and alleviate the pain while having the client breath deeply and identify the area and intensity.


     ​The therapist uses gentle touch to release restrictions in the head, spine, and sacrum to improve the central nervous system's function. This is very effective in a wide range of medical issues such as chronic neck and back pain, migraines, stress, TMJ, Traumatic brain injuries, and many others. 



           Although it was designed to help athletes prepare for optimal performance, recover after an event, and maintain during training, it is also good for people who have issues with range of motion and injuries.

 Foot Reflexology

          Pressure is applied to specific points on the foot that correspond to organs and systems of the body through energetic pathways. This modality is a great choice for someone who is new to massage or who may not be comfortable with having to undress.   

What To Expect During Your Session

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time. This allows enough time to be checked in, update profile information and undress. This time also allows for discussion of your treatment plan and expectations. After we have shown you to your massage room, we will spend a few minutes to discuss your needs and determine what type or types of massage would best meet your needs. You would then be asked to undress to your comfort level while we leave the room. You will be draped with a sheet during your entire massage and we will provide a blanket if you would like. Your comfort is very important to us. Please do not hesitate to let us know if we need to adjust the pressure or anything is causing you discomfort.

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